Indiana Center For 
Children and Families


Child Services
Indiana Center for Children and Families offers a range of services designed to address key elements of an individual's well-being.  The services are designed to address attachment and bonding, trust-building, respect, self-worth, caring and kindness.  The development of competence by the individual in relationship building, personal empowerment and emotional regulation via the development of individual integrity, conflict resolution skills, healthy boundaries and emotional wellness.  

Children's Behavioral Treatment

This model of treatment is specialized for children and adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Each child and family at ICCF receives specialized treatment services because each of them comes with a unique set of characteristics and difficulties.

Our staff focuses on children's social, emotional and behavioral needs by blending systemic treatment and psycho-education to assist parents and children in making changes, which directly affect positive outcomes.  Parents learn more about their child's needs and disorder, acquiring skills for improving management of the unique needs of their child or adolescent.  The child or adolescent learns more about themselves and develop trust, respect, self-control, self-confidence, competence, anger management and positive social interaction.

Our therapists are experienced in the treatment of the following:
Developmental Delays
Opposition and Defiance
Attention Deficit Disorder
Behavioral Issues
Mood / Bipolar Disorder
School Adjustment

Child Abuse Treatment

The therapy process for individuals that have been victims of trauma provides an intensive systemic evaluation with psycho-education and a treatment services model that includes art therapy, play therapy, individual, family, group and special needs treatment for the victims and their families.

For the victims, ICCF coordinates with the all components of the legal system in a multidisciplinary method that involves consultation with family case managers, probation officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, attorneys and other involved therapists.  The goal is to support victims required to testify in court.  Our therapists have extensive experience with victim advocacy, court testimony as a finder of facts.

The therapists are have experience dealing with specific components of trauma including:
Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms resulting from abuse or neglect
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Adjustment Problems
Attachment Issues

Foster and Adoption Services

Our Foster Adoption Adjustment services are committed to child advocacy and protection of child's well-being.  We are committed to child protection, prevention, and recovery family integration and preservation.

Families referred to this program have children in their care that have experienced extensive abuse, neglect and/or violence.  This history often has resulted in symptoms of severe delays and disorders in a number of areas of the child's functioning.  The Foster Adoption services are specifically designed to help families understand their children, enhance attachment and bonding, and facilitating healthy transitions.

When appropriate,  ICCF assists with reunification with biological families and facilitates long-term stability in adoptive families.  Family service targets secure attachment and bonding, recovery, positive redevelopment via effective parenting and treatment.  ICCF will advocate in the best interest of the child throughout the process.  Consultation with casemangers, probation officers, prosecutors, victim adovcates, attorneys and other therapists are available.  Therapists are experienced in providing court testimony.

ICCF staff are experience providing interventions for:
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Acute Stress Disorder
Developmental Delays
Adjustment Disorders
Complex Trauma