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ICCF is located on the lower level in the Mental Health America of Indiana building. We are located right on Delaware street and parking is FREE!


ICCF is seeking volunteers for committee work, clerical assistance, office cleaning,
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Art Studio

ICCF's Open Art Studio seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, promote relaxation, build self-esteem, build social skills, help to develop a sense of self, encourage
expression and stimulate the imagination.

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Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the MOST important work.

— John Trainer



IN Mood Rings is an online community developed by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Indiana (DBSAI)



EmberWood Center promotes growth, respect and integrity through community-based services to address the cycle of addiction with individuals and families.


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The Indiana Association for Infant and Toddler Mental Health believes that all infants and toddlers are entitled to an opportunity to grow, learn and develop in a way that enhances their social and emotional health so that they may reach their maximum potential.


Leading Indiana in workforce development and credentialing for addiction professionals.




Indiana Center for Children & Families services are designed to address attachment and bonding, trust, respect, self-worth, protection, caring and kindness, competence, relationship skills, integrity, initiative, empowerment, boundaries, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and mental wellness. ICCF has a highly trained staff to treat victims and families in the following services:

We are committed to bringing healing and hope, to child victims of trauma and those family members also affected as secondary victims. ICCF provides intensive systemic evaluation, psycho-education and treatment services that include play therapy, individual, parental, family, group, and special needs treatment for victims and their families.  

For the victim’s protection, ICCF coordinates with legal interventions of the system. Consultation with case managers, probation officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, attorneys, and other therapists are available. ICCF can support victims required to testify in court.

• Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms resulting from abuse or neglect.
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Adjustment Problems
• Attachment Issues
• Other special needs related to victimization

This treatment is specialized for children and adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Each child and family at ICCF receives specialized treatment services because each of them comes with a unique set of characteristics and difficulties.

Our staff focuses on children’s social, emotional and behavioral needs by blending systemic treatment and psycho-education to assist parents and children in making changes, which directly affect positive outcomes.  Parents learn more about their child’s needs and disorder and acquire skills for improved management of their unique child or adolescent. Children and adolescents learn more about themselves and develop trust, respect, self-control, self-confidence, competence, anger management and positive social interaction.

• Anxiety/Depression             • Attention Deficit Disorder
• Autism Spectrum Disorder   • Behavioral Problems
• Developmental Delays         • Mood /Bi-Polar Disorder
• Opposition and Defiance      • School Adjustment

Our Foster/Adoption Adjustment services are committed to child protection, prevention, and recovery family integration and preservation.

Because the families referred to this program have children in their homes that have experienced extensive abuse, neglect and/or violence resulting in severe delays and disorders, the Foster/Adoption Adjustment services are specifically designed to help families understand their children, attach and bond, and facilitate healthy transitions.

When appropriate, ICCF assists reunification with biological families and facilitates long-term stability in adoptive families. Family services target secure attachment/bonding, recovery, adjustment, stability, positive re-development, effective parenting and support through treatment.  For the child’s best interest, ICCF coordinates with legal interventions of the System. Consultation with case managers, probation officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, attorneys, and other therapists are available. ICCF can support victims required to testify in court.

• Reactive Attachment Disorder
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Developmental Delays           
• Adjustment Issues
• Other special needs

We are so excited as we gear up for our Art Therapy services! What a magnificent way for children, youth and adults to express their feelings, learn about themselves, and enrich their healing experience. The world needs more art and we are bringing it!  Our Project Goal is to restore outpatient art therapy services to adult, children, and family survivors of trauma in the Indianapolis area.

ICCF offers Individual and Family Support serves for adults and youth of all ages with personal, relational, emotional and behavioral problems for which they need more information, insight and resources to manage their lives successfully.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and emotional awareness helps individuals and families define their problems and develop new skills to move forward toward reaching their full potential.
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Grief
• Life Transitions
• Stress
• School Adjustment
• Divorce Adjustment
• Relational Problems
• Behavioral Problems
• Opposition and Defiance

ICCF offers counseling and advocacy services to victims of child, teen and adult, sexual abuse/assault.  Myths exist about sexual abuse/assault that shift blame from the offender to the victim. ICCF’s recovery program exists to dispel those myths.  Seeking help following personal violation can be frightening. ICCF strives to provide an atmosphere of safety and respect.